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New Works on Paper: Winter 2023 by Michael Robert Pollard

Since my return from Tryst and Southern California in early November. I have found myself driven to make work focused on expressive and improvised images made off the cuff or taken from sketchbooks. Strong lines, bold color, utilizing more traditional materials.

The studio has been cleared out and is now an airy and sun-drenched space to work. Inspired by the photo of Jack Kirby's simple drawing desk and the sundrenched drawing studios of my beloved and now-shuttered San Francisco Art Institute.

This work is akin to the vintage frantic Be-Bop jazz I adore. Improvisation, expression, and new methods grounded in tried and true ideas and practices. Small and midsize pieces on sturdy paper, that can take a beating.

I hope you enjoy the results, I'm adding more work as it's completed as well.