• Who's On First?" opens June 1, @ Ignition Projects

    Who's On First?"  opens June 1, @ Ignition Projects


    New solo exhibition opening June 1, 2019, @ Ignition Project Space in West Humbolt Park. 3839 W Grand Ave Opening Reception is from 6 to 9 PM on June 1. Also showing is David Sanchez Burr, and Kevin Maginnis.

    Hope to see you there.


  • New Mailing list, blog!


  • A Dreamer of Pictures, new show, new work @ Roman Susan March 2019

    A Dreamer of Pictures, new show, new work @ Roman Susan March 2019

    a brand new show, brand new work, Please join me on March 9th for the opening of A Dreamer of Pictures @ Roman Susan. Romansusan.org

  • Upcoming Exhibitions

    2019 is looking to a busy year for showing my recent work

    Solo Exhibition in February 2019 @ Roman Susan

    Window Installation June 2019 @ Ignition Project Space
    A good friend and early mentor David Sanchez Burr will be showing in the main space.

    Also the debut of a joint artist book project collaborating with printmaker and friend Miriam Dubinsky. Date and time of release party TBA

  • Bait Switch Chicago

    Nov 2018

    I recently participated in an upcoming Bait and Switch project
    I made a drawing that responded to the another creative's sound project. I look forward to sharing it as well as collaborating further in the future.

    Stay tuned


  • MRP participating in Print Crawl. @ free Range

    MRP participating in Print Crawl.  @ free Range

    Hello all,

    Wanted to let everyone know that I have a new piece hot off the presses this Sunday at Free Range in Albany Park.
    Free Range is taking part in the Chicago Print Crawl organized by Spudnik Press. There are multiple venues across the city, click this link to find out more:

    My piece will be part of a really great group of Free Rangers: Annelies Kamen, Mark Klassen, Chuck Slatkoff, Miriam Dubinsky, Matt Nichols, Molly Scranton, Patrick Jenkins, Kyle Nilan, Danny Miller, Anne Yafi, Fran Lightbound, Doug Huston, Kate Conlon, Clay Hickson, Brian Rush and R Clarke-Davis. And More!!

    I am really excited and proud of this piece. A woodcut made by Oli Watt of my drawing. This is the second time Oli and I have collaborated on a piece and it turned out great.

    Free Range is in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. The gallery hours for the Print Crawl is this Sunday from noon to 6 pm. My plan is to be there a good chunk of the day hanging out and enjoying the art. Please visit if you can.

    Thank you,


    Attachments area

  • Michael Robert Pollard: Big Shoulders @ The Back Room. 1371 Estes, Chicago IL. Opens Sunday April 16 @ 3 PM

    Michael Robert Pollard: Big Shoulders @ The Back Room. 1371 Estes, Chicago IL. Opens Sunday April 16 @ 3 PM

    Hi All,

    I am pleased to announce a new show of my work, in Chicago, in Rogers Park!! of course keeping with my tradition of shows in far away places, and past openings on holidays. It's Easter!! I am collaborating with my friends Dan Miller and Nathan Smith to work with Thomas Kong, to present Big Shoulders in the Back Room @ Kims Corner Foods. The show opens Sunday, April 16, with a reception from three to six. Space is open every day from 8 to 8 when the store is open, just speak to Thomas and let him know you'd like to see the art. The address is 1371 West Estes Ave and is 2 blocks south of the Morse Red line on the east side of the tracks.

    I hope to see you there
    We know it's Easter so we will have candy, eggs, and peeps on hand and are hoping for an appearance of JC or at least the easter Bunny!!.

    More Details Below

    More information on The Back Room at thomaskong.biz/thebackroom/
    More information on MRP at michaelrobertpollard.net

    Dear friends and fans of Thomas Kong,

    A new exhibition by the Rogers Park-based artist Michael Robert Pollard, Big Shoulders, will open in The Back Room at Kim's Corner Food this Sunday April 16, from 3–6PM. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Documentation of Starworld Anna Kim's recent show, At Starworld Right Now (including interventions by Thomas Kong) can be viewed on Thomas' website here.


    Dan Miller & Nathan Smith
    visit Thomas Kong's website

    The Back Room at Kim's Corner Food
    1371 W Estes Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

    Michael Robert Pollard
    Big Shoulders
    April 16, 2017 – May 14, 2017

    Opening: Saturday April 16, 3–6PM
    Open to visitors: 8AM–8PM daily (email hello@thomaskong.biz for an appointment, or visit Kim's Corner Food and speak to Thomas.)

    out of my world into a page with glaring teeth and blaring lips, but no other facial features. The work is clever and highly potent with meaning; I'd love to be the person who writes the dialogue explaining all that! Anyway, that's a start...if you like what I'm saying, I'll continue...

    WTF Halloween was yesterday.

    at the first glance the work conveys simplicity but if you stay still for just a minute and ponder the visual only then will you begin to understand the depth of the emotional, social, political message

    inspired by what he sees and hope to see, film, comic books, music, media, can make art on any surface not afraid of getting dirty, it's always time to paint, children inspire your work, art expression is therapy,

    never did me a lick of harm... except for psychological problems and blurred vision.

    a unique take on many currents to the world today, such as primitivism, found objects and references to comic book art. He combines them in a very individual way to provide a valuable commentary on the urban world he inhabits.

    More information on The Back Room at thomaskong.biz/thebackroom/
    More information on MRP at michaelrobertpollard.net

  • Property at RPWRHS

    Property at RPWRHS

    I recently participated in this open call put together by Roman Susan and the Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society




  • Meat and Potatoes @ Side Car

    Meat and Potatoes @ Side Car

    New Solo Show

    Meat and Potatoes new work by Michael R Pollard
    Gallery Side Car
    November 12 -December 10, 2016
    Opening Reception: Nov 12 from 6 pm to 10 PM
    Artist Talk: December 10 @ 3 PM
    Hours: Saturdays 1-6 PM or by appointment

    Gallery Sidecar
    411 Huehn, Hammond, Indiana

  • March 2016: Hard at Work

    Hi All,

    Thanks to all of you that checked out the Creature Comfort Show! So far the majority of 106 has been about making work, and dreaming of work. Hard at work preparing for my third show at Side Car Gallery in Late Fall 2016. 2017 will also bring a second show at Free Range.

    In the mean time check out whats going on either here or on social media.

    Michael R Pollard
    March 18, 2016

  • Like A Bird, part of Creature Comforts @ SAIC

    Like A Bird, part of Creature Comforts @ SAIC

    LIke a Bird, is hanging in the SAIC Maclean Cafe Elevator Lobby as part of Creature Comforts Group show, which features numourous SAIC Students, staff and faculty

    Show is up till Feburary

  • MRP @ Sol Cafe

    MRP @ Sol Cafe

    MRP @ Sol Cafe,
    Curated by Roman Susan as part of ArtRoundTrip in Rogers Park
    October 2015

    3 works on paper
    and one Assemblage

    Thanks to Nathan, Kristin, and Sol Cafe

  • No Sad Stuff Group show @ Flats Chicago

    No Sad Stuff Group show   @ Flats Chicago

    NO Sad Stuff (July 2015)

    I showed multiple works on paper and 2 assemblages in a group show at Flats Studio Chicago, titled "NO Sad Stuff" curated by Audra Jacot, and Eddie Muela, set in the former Wilson Avenue Theater (and TCF Bank). Live Painting by yours truly as well


  • 2015 Solo Exhibition: Brave And Old Fashioned @ South Suburban College

    2015 Solo Exhibition: Brave And Old Fashioned @ South Suburban College

    “Brave and Old Fashioned: “Fine” Art by Michael Robert Pollard”

    An exhibition of paintings by artist Michael Robert Pollard

    Now through April 21, 2015

    Closing Reception: Monday, April 21st at 12:30 p.m.

    Pollard’s art is an assault blunt colors, forms, and materials coupled with juxtaposed observations, and reflections that document the ebbs, and flows of the human condition and the abstractions that surround it.

    Check out the interview and overview of the show on You Tube


  • Take me to Your Leader @ Third Coast

    Take me to Your Leader @  Third Coast

    October 2014
    Take Me to your Leader at Third Coast Comics

    Take me to your leader, was an exploration of everything robot, mechanical and android in comics, TV and movies, featured the talents of artist Karlynn Holland, Tryrell Cannon, Rachel Swanson, Tom Kelly, Alex Lee, Terry Gant, Oli Watt, Mirium Dubinsky, Isabella Chamberland, Terry Gant, as of course myself .

  • TMI: Michael R Pollard and Alicia Rendatte

     TMI:  Michael R Pollard and Alicia Rendatte

    Fall 2014 led to my first exhibition on the east coast. A 2 person exhibition at the Knight Gallery at the Community College of Rhode Island. featuring an amazing artist and past school mate Alicia Rendatte, and myself. The exhibition is titled: TMI, The exhibition is curated and organized by Professor Ricardo Rivera of Community College of Rhode Island. The show opened Sept 1, with an opening and artist talk on September 4. I will be attended the open and gave a very rewarding talk. Community College Art Department family was so nice and kind to me



  • 2014 MRP Solo Show: Martians and the Letter U @ Free Range Artist Space

    2014 MRP Solo Show: Martians and the Letter U @ Free Range Artist Space

    Martians and the Letter U
    A “fine art” exhibition by Michael Robert Pollard.
    @ free range
    3257 West Lawrence Ave, Chicago IL
    Between Kedizie and Sawyer, 1 block east of Kimbel Brown lIne

    June 14-July 11, 2014,
    Opening reception June 14 from 7-9 PM
    Open Sundays during the exhibition from 3-5
    MRP Artist Talk: Titled: sponsored by the Letter U or the Martians are coming

  • Origin Stories

    Origin Stories

    MRP Organizes Art Show @ Third Coast Comics
    Hello All,

    I've put together another Art Show @ Third Coast Comics:

    Origin Stories

    Featuring the Talents of

    Terry Spaceghost Gant
    Elliott Junkyard
    Tyrell Cannon
    Jes Standefer
    David Ingenthron
    Aragna Ker
    Veronica De Jesus
    Michael Robert Pollard
    Rachel Swanson
    Alexandra Lee
    Idriys Lowe

    The exhibition opens Saturday March 22 and the opening reception is that evening from 7 to 9 PM. Show will run till May 11

    The exhibition takes place at Third Coast Comics.
    Third Coast Comics is located at 6234 Broadway Ave, (between Granville and Rosemont) in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Third Coast is located around the corner from the Granville Red line station for more on Third Coast please check out the website:http://thirdcoastcomics.com/. We also have created a Facebook a Facebook event page that will post Artist origins, web links and images.

    Third Coast is open everyday but Monday.

    In comic book terminology, an origin story is an account or back-story revealing how a character or team gained their superpowers and/or the circumstances under which they became superheroes or super villains.

    This exhibition celebrates and explores, the childhood, brain washing, the teenage angst, and dreams and fodder of a diverse group of 11 artists, illustrators and provocateurs sharing the comics, books, TV shows, that contributed to their create might.

    This is Origin Stories…

  • Forgotten Heroes Exhbition at Third Coast Comics

    Forgotten Heroes Exhbition at Third Coast Comics

    Hi All,

    I am the co-organizer as well as one of the artist's showing in a show called Forgotten Heroes @ Third Coast Comics opening September 28, 2013. Opening reception is @ 7 PM that night. Exhibition will run till October 15. Part of the Chicago Artist Month as well. Third Coast Comics is located at 6234 N Broadway, between Granville and Rosemont. Take the Red line to the Granville Station. Third Coast is open every day but Monday.

  • Mallard Art Books Are at Third Coast Comics!

    Mallard Art Books Are at Third Coast Comics!

    May/June 2013

    Pleased to announced I will be selling my handmade art books @ Third Coast Comics, on Broadway and Thorndale in Chicago. Each book is a unique treasure, priced right. Only 5 bucks!

    If you cant make it to the shop please email me or Terry Gant the owner of the shop and we can ship the book to you no sweat!

  • Prototypes -New Work by Michael Robert Pollard

    Prototypes -New Work by Michael Robert Pollard

    SideCar is pleased to present:

    'Prototypes' - New work by Michael Robert Pollard

    Opening the 2013 season, SideCar is pleased to present 'Prototypes' - New work by Michael Robert Pollard.

    Starting from the production of a defined object with given expectations (painting or sculpture), this group of works resist categorization. These objects only unveil their true identity to the artist after they have been subjected to the pressure-cooker of process and reprocess. The objects are described as prototypes but, we must ask ourselves, prototypes of what?

    The imagined attempt to reproduce any of these things on even a limited-run basis reveals the strange place that these objects inhabit. The resulting objects, reproduced as any sort of an edition, surely would end up as something else entirely. Of course, this is exactly what prototypes are: the first iteration of something. In this instance however, we can never really be sure what the final results will be.

    This will be Michael Pollard's second showing with SideCar and his first solo exhibition with the gallery.

    Opening Saturday, March 2nd 5 PM - 10 PM

    March 2nd - March 30th, 2013

    Hours: Saturday, 1 PM - 6 PM and by appointment

  • MRP Solo Exhibition : March 2013 @ SideCar

    The "fine" art of Michael Robert Pollard returns to Side Car Gallery with a solo show opening March 2. Please save the date. More details soon

  • MRP @ Artwork 6. SAIC Sullivan Gallery

    MRP @ Artwork 6.  SAIC Sullivan Gallery

    Hello All,

    This Friday ART Work 6 opens at the Sullivan Gallery @ SAIC. Myself and many of my very talented fellow SAIC/AIC colleagues are participating. My piece is a classic super duper mallard super hero work: Side by Side. This painting is part of the Petraswzewski/Steinmetz Collection, many thanks to Charles and Angela for letting me borrow it for this exhibition. I hope you have a chance to check it out. The gallery is located @ 33 State Street aka the Sullivan Center (old Carson Prairie Building)...... and is steps away from the Monroe Red line Station.

    PS: I will be having a solo exhibition in March @ the Side Car Gallery in Hammond: Opening March 2 Artist talk on March 23 ... Save the date!!!

    Important Details

    You're cordially invited to attend the ArtWork6 exhibition opening
    reception on Friday evening, January 18, and discover works in all
    media created by talented AIC and SAIC employees. Almost a year in the
    works, this stunning exhibition features more than 160 artists from
    both sides of Michigan Avenue. Come celebrate the skill and creativity
    demonstrated by the Art Institute community.

    Drinks and light refreshments will be served. All are
    welcome to attend!

    ArtWork6: Opening Reception

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    5:30-7:30 p.m.

    Sullivan Galleries: 33 S State Street, 7th Floor

    ArtWork6 will be on view in the Sullivan Galleries for two weeks, from
    January 19 through February 1, 2013.

  • New City Article: Imaginary Monuments for Chicago

    New City Article: Imaginary Monuments for Chicago


  • MRP Plug @ Harmon Art Lab


  • Interview by Cat Park of Ink Stained Hands

    I was recently interviewed by Kathreen Parker Bryden check it out:


    Thank you Katherine

    There's a link to a painting I did of her a few years back.